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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening procedures are used to brighten the appearance of a patient’s sometimes by as many as 5 to 10 shades in a single session.

Looking more youthful :– we associate white teeth with youth, as the older we get, the more our teeth have been exposed to food and drinks which can stain our teeth. Smoking can also yellow the teeth which can cause a person to look older than they actually are. Teeth which have been whitened can therefore help a person to appear younger than they may be.

Release natural endorphins :- When we smile our body naturally produces endorphins, which are the ‘feel good’ hormones which make us feel happy. Having clear looking white teeth can encourage a person to smile more regularly therefore helping to release those fantastic endorphins.

A surgery free procedure :- Teeth whitening can be carried out in a lunch hour, which means there is no down time. Sessions can be carried out regularly so that the whitening can be developed gradually .

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